I know you are tired of reading about COVID-19. It is a scary virus because it’s new. The vast majority of people who become infected fair very well. Unfortunately there is a small group of our population that does not do so well. In an effort to minimize the risk to those of you in the higher risk categories I have implemented the following procedures.

  1. For the time being I am limiting my schedule to 4 homes per day. I am going to make as many repairs as possible on the same day to limit the need for return trips and more exposures.
    During the months of October and November 2020 I am no longer limiting service to 4 homes per day. I am limiting service to Winterization service during this time. However, I will allow limited repairs during winterizations as time allows. For example I may be able to replace one or two sprinkler heads.
  2. On your day no matter if it’s a Start Up or a Repair Service I want you to understand you will be one of four customers for the day. To that end I will try to keep you informed of my progress throughout the day. I may run very far ahead of schedule or I may run very far behind. It all depends upon how much work I run into on the jobs before you.
    I will contact you the day before or the morning of service to confirm our appointment.
  3. When I must enter your home I will wear a face mask for your protection. When we need to talk we can talk via phone or through the door or outside at least six feet apart.
  4. Payments will be accepted via online billing, check or cash in person or you can mail me a check.