Sprinkler Repair Service

Attention… My schedule is FULL, I am not taking anymore service requests for this year. 

Rain DR specializes in lawn sprinkler repair. We stock a variety of Rainbird, Hunter and Irritrol replacement parts right on the truck. This allows us to be more efficient and saves you money.

Lawn sprinkler problem solving is fun to us. Our favorite jobs are the ones others could not or simply would not repair. From a simple broken head to a winter freeze disaster we are the company for you!

Here is a short list of some of the more common problems that we encounter during a normal week.

  • Mist head or gear drive damaged by a lawn mower
  • Mist head not spraying due to a clogged filter
  • Broken 12″ mist head due to freeze damage
  • Split copper pipe from freeze damage
  • Split brass valve from improper winterization technique
  • Zone valve not shutting down properly
  • Damaged underground poly pipe
  • Water main leak somewhere in the system, usually in the valve box
  • Corroded or cut valve wires
  • Dead battery in a wireless rain sensor
  • Raise or lower lawn sprinkler heads
  • Relocate a sprinkler head
  • Add a shrub zone to an existing system
  • Redesign a system to accommodate a new swimming pool, patio, driveway, etc.

Schedule repair service by calling (586) 646-3700. You may also schedule service online.