Sprinkler Winterization Service

No matter what you call it, Sprinkler Winterization, Fall Shut Down, Closing the System or Blow Out Service… We do it and we do it right!

  • Residential lawn sprinkler winterization service starts at $75.
  • Up to 12 zones, $6 each additional zone
  • Pump from a lake or pond? Add $20 to prepare the pump and remove the suction pipe where required.
  • We service commercial and residential systems with a vacuum breaker up to 1″.
  • Commercial systems start at $75. Many factors go into determining the cost to winterize a commercial lawn sprinkler system. They include but are not limited to the main pipe size, sprinklers per zone and size of property. Please call 586-646-3700 for more information.

Service includes the following:

  • Turn off water supply to sprinkler system
  • Blow compressed air through all zones to remove water
  • Take special care of tall sprinklers, they like to hold water
  • Prepare vacuum breaker for winter
  • Drain copper between vacuum breaker and shutoff valve
  • Turn your timer/clock to the off position.

Winterize your irrigation system early every Fall to prevent damage and to ensure proper function year after year. I cannot stress the importance enough. I repair too many systems due to FREEZE damage.

If you take care of your system it should last 20 years or more. Every system will have a sprinkler or a valve go bad due to age and natural wear and tear. But, these are minor compared to replacing a whole valve assembly and or copper repairs. I could go on and on about why you should winterize your system early. Save yourself money and misery, winterize early every year!